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You are the owner of some content that you have created for people to read and appreciate. We are in a country full of people who like to read.

The sole motive of INKHORN PUBLISHING INDIA is to bring good writing to anyone and everyone who likes to read. Most publishers are limited by the kind of books they bring to the market. We appreciate that people have innumerable interests and choices on what they want to read. We just print every possible thing that you can generate.

The reason that authors and publishers struggle to publish whatever they desire to are the costs and processes involved. We have Simplified all that! We at Inkhorn Publishing India have a team of passionate professionals who will not only help you shape your manuscript into a book but also help in copy editing, proof reading, cover designing, formatting & sell your book through leading E-retailers, so we sell your books wherever possible and pay you... simple!

Sounds too good to be true? For more details…..write to us at info@inkhornpublishingindia.com one of our team members will get in touch with you

  • Positive-Thinking
  • Ancient-Egypt
  • Can-God-Guide-My-Life
  • Celtic-Mythology
  • Dare-to-Break-Through-The-Impossible
  • Face-at-the-Window
  • If-You-Think-You-Can-You-Can
  • Islam-Threat-or-Truth
  • Ancient-Greece
  • Kernel-Wheat
  • Kidnapped-Cam-Kennedy-Alan-Grant
  • Making-your-Faith-Work
  • Dream-Big
  • Ancient-Rome
  • Mastering-Quranic-Arabic
  • Abstract-Art-Therapy
  • A-Guide-to-Diabetes
  • Amazing-Parenting
  • Myths-of-the-Norse
  • Sexual-Healing
  • Taming-the-Tiger
  • The-Budha-in-Ice
  • The-Demise-of-the-Church
  • Transit-to-Heaven
  • My-Journey-to-Justice
  • Maths-Times-Tables
  • Understanding-Phobias
  • dare-to-break-through
  • taming-the-tiger
  • kernal-of-wheat
  • to-heaven
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