At Inkhorn we believe in keeping things simple and transparent. If you are a foreign publisher then you understand the intricacies of selling content in India or abroad.

If you are an Indian publisher we are not targeting your entire list. Instead, we wish to publish titles that you think can still sell but your distributor thinks otherwise.

We are here to become your distributor, who likes to believe what you believe as a publisher. We would like to reach out to that one reader in a million (and India is 1.25 billion) who wants to read your book and hence the model – POD.

This apart, we would like to resolve your distribution worries. We are here to keep it simple and straight. You give us your titles to publish in India. We list the same on our e-retail partners. You receive your Royalties on monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on sales.

  • Positive-Thinking
  • Ancient-Egypt
  • Can-God-Guide-My-Life
  • Celtic-Mythology
  • Dare-to-Break-Through-The-Impossible
  • Face-at-the-Window
  • If-You-Think-You-Can-You-Can
  • Islam-Threat-or-Truth
  • Ancient-Greece
  • Kernel-Wheat
  • Kidnapped-Cam-Kennedy-Alan-Grant
  • Making-your-Faith-Work
  • Dream-Big
  • Ancient-Rome
  • Mastering-Quranic-Arabic
  • Abstract-Art-Therapy
  • A-Guide-to-Diabetes
  • Amazing-Parenting
  • Myths-of-the-Norse
  • Sexual-Healing
  • Taming-the-Tiger
  • The-Budha-in-Ice
  • The-Demise-of-the-Church
  • Transit-to-Heaven
  • My-Journey-to-Justice
  • Maths-Times-Tables
  • Understanding-Phobias
  • dare-to-break-through
  • taming-the-tiger
  • kernal-of-wheat
  • to-heaven
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