Top challenges writers face while publishing their work.

Writing is an imaginative phenomenon for an individual to unfold the layers of thoughts within and rediscover oneself bit by bit. It is one of those rewarding acts that is soul-satisfying but at the same time it comes with certain challenges. Needless to say, overcoming challenges to become a successful writer Irvine great task and bringing the work to readers and audience is another task. In the words of Sylvia Plath, “nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.” The journey for a writer is not confined merely to book completion. Getting the work published and acclaimed is encompassed with a number of obstacles. Some of the challenges are:-

  1. Right publisher: The very challenge lies in convincing the people about your work to get it published. Realize the fact that one needs to do a thorough research in finding the right publisher for your book so that you get a correct exposure and able to convince them to sell and recognize the work.
  2. Publishing methods: With various publishing methods available these days writers need to figure about choosing a traditional or online publishing which gives more advantageous results. There are many publishing companies emerging up to help in bringing forth the correct recognition to the writer in all aspects. It is up-to the writer to choose the best method such as hybrid publishing.
  3. Rising competition: Like every creative field, writing is one of the jobs nowadays that has gained much popularity and with the advent of large availability of content over the internet, competition is always on the peak. This poses a challenge to the writers to think out of the box and unique ideas every time, as something new and interesting is the key to keep readership alive.
  4. Royalty and Revenues: Many a times to get the things going in terms of recognition and exposure writers have to compromise on the part of payments and royalty even after getting a correct platform. Either, recognition or the royalty one of them suffers. This is the major challenge faced by the writers in publishing their work. The only solution to this is to do a thorough research in finding a good publisher and discuss such points well in advance.
  5. Timing and Marketing: Every work of writing or the book needs to reach the audience at a right time and with correct promotion. A book delayed on the part of publication companies gives a demotivating and dissatisfied feeling to the writer. To avoid this disappointment discuss with the publication about the estimated time for the book launch and consider the marketing and promotions seriously. Seek a professional help for the editorial work required. Work upon the marketing or social media promotional methods such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs to promote your book. Even choosing the right media is also one big challenge such as bulk emails or ads.

Today, when content is just a click away and on fingertips the publication companies don’t want to take a chance with their reputation making it difficult for the upcoming writers. They share quite a radical relationship with the authors. However, talent and uniqueness is always in demand therefore strive a little more and choose right publication company because your content is the face of you for the readers.

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