Once upon a time there was a king. He had two lovely daughters -: elder one is Tina who is 7
years old and Tiya is 6 years old. One day the princesses asked the king “Father, can we please
go out to play?” The king said “No! Already one day you both were about to get lost and I can’t
take the risk again”. Tina and Tiya asked the same thing from their mother (the Queen) but the
reply was same. So they made a plan that in noon when everyone will be sleeping they will go
out to play.
In afternoon, they followed their plan but the guards stop them. Tina said the guards that the
king has allowed them to go outside the castle. The guards allowed them to go outside the
There was a forest after the distance from the castle. They decided to play hide & seek. It was
Tina’s den; by chance Tiya went in the middle of forest to hide. Tina started searching Tiya but
could not find her anywhere, so she started crying.
She saw a pond nearby and it was surrounded by lily flowers. She knew her parents like lily
flowers and she went close to pond to pluck the flowers. She thought if she takes two lily
flowers and give it to mom & dad and then tell them that Tiya is lost they will not scold her
As soon as she was about to pluck the flower, the flower grew bigger and put Tina in its mouth.
When Tina opened her eyes she saw a witch. The witch said “So cute girl, now you are my
daughter”, saying so the witch made Tina forgot her memory. She then said to Tina that “You
are my daughter”.
After sometime Tiya (younger sister) started searching for Tina. She searched for few minutes
but could not find her and returned back to castle.
She told everything to her mom and dad. The king said Tiya politely that “That is why I told you
not to go out in forest to play, as it has some mystery. If a couple of people go to that forest
half of them do not come back”. Tiya said “Sorry Dad”.

<<King sends soldiers for search but could not find her>>
After sixteen years, Tiya went in the same forest where she lost her sister. By chance she saw
the same lily pond. She thought to collect few lily flowers for her mom and dad.
As soon as she was about to pick the flowers it started growing bigger and bigger and put Tiya’s
in its mouth.
Tiya met the same witch, the witch asked Tiya “So cute girl, will you become my daughter?”
Tiya rudely said, “No!” and then witch said “Ok, then we will have a fight. If you win you and
others in these flowers will be freed but if you lose you will become by daughter and stay here
forever”. Tiya said, Ok.
The witch began to say some magical words. Then suddenly Tiya realized that her dad said if
you want to defeat the witch you will have to find a flower shaped box. When found open it
and you will see a rose flower in it and it will try to eat you. At that time you have to sing this
song “Oh lovely red flower let your power shine” to pacify it. Then you have to pluck the petals
to kill the witch. Tiya did as per her dad’s instructions and the witch died on the spot.
All the lily flowers were opened and people who were trapped came out of it. As Tina got her
memory back she hugged her sister Tiya and they both went back to palace. The mystery of
forest was solved and king with his family lived happily ever after.

By: Arushi Gupta
Contact Number : 9810200732 (M)
Address: 112B, C2B, Janakpuri, Delhi

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