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We know how important your book is to you, that’s why Inkhorn Publishing India serves as a one-stop solution for all your publishing needs. The entire philosophy of Inkhorn is to make the whole business of book publishing totally hassle-free. Hence, we offer services that are essential for both authors and publishers – editing, formatting, cover design, e-book publishing, marketing and distribution. We offer these services at minimal costs. You can easily compare our pricing with existing market rates and realize this. We are a publishing platform that aims to help writers/authors/publishers and do not believe in making pots of moolah from add-ons. Whether it is international, Indian or regional (in any Indian language), we publish all kinds of books. And our model is strictly Print On Demand which means printing on order. You can print one copy or a thousand copies. So, there are no hidden costs. Transparency is the key. Period!


Editorial Assistance:

Any author or publisher needs various forms of editorial assistance. Our specializations are

  • Suggestions about whether a book has shaped well or needs further work, and we will provide guidelines to make it sale-worthy.

  • Editing a book

  • Re-writing a book

  • Proofreading a book/document The reason our costs are incomparably low is that we do not farm out work but depend on our in-house editors and a handful of specialized editors dedicated to Inkhorn.

Cover Design:

Unless you are a hot-selling author, a cover could make or break your first book, before you become a hot selling author… and we have just those in-house designers who understand books and make it their purpose in life to make an author succeed. We do not farm out this work either. There are excellent designers all over, but few who understand and love books

Formatting Help:

Well, not everybody is aware of formats, sizes, extent or spine! We at Inkhorn help you to create the most suitable format for your book which is not just economical but also what sells in the market. If you are not able to format your book in terms of laying out, then our team will help you shape your content in the best possible format.


Our Publicist services are our most popular, giving authors a comprehensive yet bespoke marketing and publicity campaign that targets every relevant opportunity for our authors, from mainstream national media all the way through to niche, genre-specific media outlets. The marketing plan is designed in a way to cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing & help in

  • Creating Author’s brand in different social networks

  • Building Content Marketing Strategy for Branding

  • Boosting audience engagement on social platforms

  • Increasing traffic on social media platforms

E-tailing Services:

  • We will sell your books on e-com sites Amazon, Flipkart etc.

  • Listing of the books

  • Managing the book on the site

  • Processing of orders including billing & packing

  • Deliveries of the books

Distribution Services:

If you are an International Publisher or an author and is looking to sell in India, it is quite simple! All you need to do is:

  • Sign-up for a distribution arrangement

  • Share your meta-data

  • Share the files of the book

  • Books will be listed on e-com sites

  • All services from listing, printing, delivery to paying your royalty will be taken by us

Our Partners:

We help many Indian & International Publishers sell in India and the list is growing – Check list on “Our Partners” page.

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