Saru Singhal – A Poet Extraordinaire!

Let’s hear from Saru Singhal, a finance professional who has a passion for writing. She started her blogging journey way back in June, 2011 when she moved to Toranto. Since then there has been no looking back for her.

Please give a brief introduction about yourself?

If you would have asked this question 2 months ago, I’d have given a generic reply – what I do, my qualification, or achievements. But recently I read somewhere that we must know who we are as a person – what we like, dislike and our principles. Going by that, I’m meticulous, positive, and an old-fashioned girl with a creative bent of mind. I like to work in a professional environment that promotes growth. I’ve no shame accepting my mistakes or flaws. And my biggest quality – I can cook anytime. I serve food with dollops of love.

You are Company Secretary by profession than what inspired you to start writing?

When I moved to the US with my husband I was on a dependent visa. Legally I was not allowed to work there. I started my blog within a month of moving to Boston. I always wanted to write. Starting a blog seemed the right way to be productive. Within 6 months, things started to take shape. I started writing for companies in India and since there is no looking back. Now, I write sponsored posts on my blog. I’m a content writer and I ghostwrite.

You are a poet, write about financial topics on Money View and your quotes are quite famous. How do you manage to write on such varied topics?

Poetry is my first love. The sheer brilliance of saying a lot in few words is, for lack of a better word, magical. As I am qualified in law, accountancy, and corporate governance, writing on financial topics is easy too. Writing is a full-fledged profession for me. So I have to. For commissioned work, I write what I’m told. Quotes, Hindi Poetry, and Micro Poetry is something I enjoy. When I’m bored of writing ‘Decoding Invoice: 101’, I take a break and write poetry. Also, we get better by practicing. And that’s what I do. I write every day to hone my craft.

What compels you to write?

In 2014 I was going through a tough phase. I’m a very positive person. To ward off the negativity, I started a 30-day challenge. I cooked different breakfast every single day. The idea was to create a happy distraction and to break the negativity. And it worked. I remember November 2014 for the challenge I completed, not for the pain I was going through. So when the bad luck struck again, I thought of writing quotes for 100 days. I wanted to encapsulate my feelings to give clarity to my thoughts. I enjoyed the process so much that I never stopped. I write because I love writing. It’s a daily ritual now. Depending on my mood, I write poems, stories, quotes or micro poetry. These days I am hooked to Hindi poetry, though.

You have written many short stories and quotes? Which one is your favorite and why?

There are a few I like. But my current favorite is –

‘She was afraid of water

Then she realized

People drown in sorrow too.’

I love it because I feel I can’t describe pain better than this.

Tell us something about your first book Rousing Cadence?

Rousing Cadence was Shamsud Ahmed’s idea. He is the editor of the book. We clubbed poetry enthusiasts from different countries and the result was Rousing Cadence. It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about publishing, writing, and poetry from this book. It was my first foray into publishing and it was special. I’m thankful that the book received a good response.

Any advice for aspiring writers, you want to share?

I’m still learning myself, but if I have to advise aspiring writers, it would be to read and write as much as you can to polish your craft. And don’t be afraid to fail. Try different styles of writing so you can find your calling. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

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