Rocky plays too much….

Rocky was waiting for Dad who had been to England for meetings. It was dinner time and the door bell
rang. Rocky thought it was the courier guy. He opened the door and saw his Dad with two bags and a
small packet. Rocky asked his Dad what was in those bags. Dad said these are chocolate and toys are for
him. Rocky put those bags into his room and ran back to finish his dinner. The next day after coming
back from school he went to his Mom pretending to be sick. He told his Mom that he ate something at
school that caused tummy ache. His Mom asked him to get some rest at home. He started to stay home
for few more days not going to school and pretending to be still sick. He played all the time. A few days
later his Dad saw him throwing away the medicines his Mom gave him and engaged in play. Later in the
day his Dad questioned him about not going to school and staying at home playing Rocky did not admit
his mistake and was being stubborn. His Dad gave away all his toys to the needy and that is when Rocky
learnt his lesson.

Moral: Never deceive anyone.

Story by: Advaitha Mamidipally(3rd grade)
Sanskriti school ,Hyderabad.

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