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Whether you are an Indian or a foreign publisher, whether you give us your entire list or a selected few titles, Inkhorn is here to sell your titles in India as POD.

From a foreign publisher's perspective who realises the potential of the Indian market; Inkhorn is the first and only platform of its kind to facilitate selling of international content in India using existing book selling e-com platforms on a POD model.

Here in India, English is the second highest spoken language (first being Hindi), which if counted, comes to more than UK's population. Hence the reason for you to come to India; and for us to provide Indian consumers with international content.

And, if you as a publisher, have tried India before then you know the intricacies of publishing in India. However, let's understand the reason: it’s not easy to sell content in India directly and therefore, you need an Indian partner who could be a publisher, where you give away the rights for the region, or a distributor who again after securing the rights handles the distribution of your content.

Filling the Trust Deficit is Inkhorn Publishing India

In either scenario, it is difficult to base your trust because of how it works.

You wouldn't know how many copies are printed; where they are sold; when they are sold and when would you get the royalty if at all it manages to sell! You pay approximately 50 per cent discount or more to the distributor or publisher and you are never sure when you will receive the payment because of the long payment cycle in the market. Not just you…this is how it works for everybody in Indian publishing industry.

How Are You Assured?

Through Inkhorn Publishing India, we provide you with a very transparent and addressable platform.

We sign a contract with you for your content on a fixed commission.

Once you finalise the price, we list all your titles on our e-retail website on and as POD titles.

The proceeds from sales are transferred to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the sales.

There is no restriction for either the number of titles or genre which we can sell. So why wait – get in touch with us now. Write in to now!!

  • Positive-Thinking
  • Ancient-Egypt
  • Can-God-Guide-My-Life
  • Celtic-Mythology
  • Dare-to-Break-Through-The-Impossible
  • Face-at-the-Window
  • If-You-Think-You-Can-You-Can
  • Islam-Threat-or-Truth
  • Ancient-Greece
  • Kernel-Wheat
  • Kidnapped-Cam-Kennedy-Alan-Grant
  • Making-your-Faith-Work
  • Dream-Big
  • Ancient-Rome
  • Mastering-Quranic-Arabic
  • Abstract-Art-Therapy
  • A-Guide-to-Diabetes
  • Amazing-Parenting
  • Myths-of-the-Norse
  • Sexual-Healing
  • Taming-the-Tiger
  • The-Budha-in-Ice
  • The-Demise-of-the-Church
  • Transit-to-Heaven
  • My-Journey-to-Justice
  • Maths-Times-Tables
  • Understanding-Phobias
  • dare-to-break-through
  • taming-the-tiger
  • kernal-of-wheat
  • to-heaven
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