Must Read Books of Krishna Sobti Chosen For 2017 Jnanpith Awards

“Jnanpith” award is the most eminent literary award in India and is given to the most extraordinary writers who have given a valuable contribution in the field of literary art. “Jnan” means “knowledge” and “pith” means “seat”. Therefore, this award signifies the most honorary place in the society for literature. The year 2017 has witnessed Krishna Sobti as the awardee of 2017 Janapith award for her path breaking and noted contribution to the literary works most prominently in Hindi. Krishna Sobti is one of the most influential and prestigious writers and she has touched numerous subjects such as partition, man and woman relationships, Indian society and human values deterioration. Today we discuss some of the noteworthy books written by Krishna Sobti that are intriguing to the core.

  1. Mitro Marjani: One of the most path-breaking novels of the 20th century wherein Krishna Sobti pens down a character called ‘mitro’ a woman who breaks the stereotypes of the society and raises its voice as a protagonist against the sexual vices prevailing in the society. This novel emerged as a taboo-breaker for woman fiction. A must read to understand a woman’s unapologetic character who breaks a shell carved by the society.
  2. Surajmukhi Andhere k: Krishna Sobti is known to be a writer that brought a wave of change in women oriented fictional characters. This novels is another gem of a writing piece and unveils the feelings of a young girl “Rati” who drooled to antagonism because of a ruined childhood. A recommended read portraying the harsh darkness and the truth beneath.
  3. Daar Se Bichudi: A captivating story set in the scenario of Punjab riots of 1849. This is an agonizing story of a woman who goes through frenzied series of bitter experiences. Quite an interesting and informative novel with a historical background and the unusual word selection by Krishna Sobti makes it all the more worth reading.
  4. Zindaginama: Most of the novels reflect characters set in pre-partition era and those belonging to rural Punjab. “Zindaginama” is a compilation of several stories depicting human nature and condition of woman under various circumstances. Krishna Sobti has also won saahitya academy award for this novel for her brilliant narration and character portrayal.
  5. Tin Pahar: Krishna Sobti has a marvelous imagination and narration strength, that so depicts from this novel another masterpiece in her literary collection. Set amidst the scenic beauty of Darjeeling this novel projects human relations, values, feelings through their intricate characters.

Krishna Sobti was awarded Padma Bhushan by the government of India in 2010 but she declined that award and in her words, “As a writer I have to keep a distance from the establishment, I think I did the right thing”. Many of her noteworthy novels were translated to other languages such as “Mitro Marjani”, “Daar se bichudi” and “Dil-o-danish”. She has even published a series of columns and short profiles of eminent personalities such as Bhisham Sahni, Nirmal Verma and Namwar Singh. She has written them under the pen name “Hashmat” and the series won a lot of praises. There are many more great books written by her and every work of hers is priceless and worth reading time and again.

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