Know More About Karthik

Q1. Please give brief introduction about yourself?

I am engineer and a MBA, currently working as AI and Analytics consultant but more importantly a dreamer. Not a dreamer like Abdul Kalam wanted us to be – with visions for the nation and other good stuff like that. More like a regular dreamer who dreams up zany stories. Been one since childhood. Decided to bring out the yarns running within my mind as written fiction sometime in 2010. Ever since been writing fiction, writing them on my blog, submitting to anthologies and magazines and finally now a book of my own.Hope to write more books of my own.

Q2. You are an IITian and in IT profession, What inspired you to start writing?

As I mentioned earlier – dreams. My mind keeps imagining things. I had all fancy aspirations as a child – to be a detective, a wizard, a psycho historian to name a few. And I used to imagine various adventures inside my head. There was a time when I realized the gap between dreams and reality. That is when I started writing so that my dreams find realization at least through the medium of the written word.

Q3. What compels you to write and how do you take out time from your busy schedule for writing?

As I say in my blog tag line, I lose myself when I read, I find myself when I write. Writing is my identity – my purpose in life. It is difficult to take out time for writing, even for reading. But I try to avoid most other activities – I don’t socialize much, I don’t watch TV, I don’t read Newspapers. I try to write or read in small pockets of time I find without being fussy about place or time.

Q4 You have written many blog series? Which one is your favorite and why?

One of my favorite ones that I am currently writing is on the interesting events from my childhood. You can find them here – I find it fascinating to dig into my memories and fish out memorable events and write them as interesting pieces that flow entertainingly like fiction.

Q5.  Tell us something about your first book?

My first book is titled ‘Carthick’s Unfairy Tales’ like ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’. Grimm compiled stories from the local folklore and made a book of it. I took the very same stories and gave my own interpretation to the them. I call then ‘unfairy’ because the core theme of each one of my stories is unfairness.

Q6 Any advice for aspiring writers, you want to share?

Any creative profession is like the love of your life. You must delight in dedicating all you have for that love and not the other way round. Don’t expect the love of your life to earn for you and attend to your comforts. Remember – your are slave to your muse and not the other way round. If you don’t feel such passion, my advice is leave writing and look for whatever stirs your passions that way. Whether you have passion or not, you may get lucky and make some big money but do not come with that expectation. But percentage wise people of both kinds who have faced disappointment are way more in number.  For every Chetan Bhagat and Ravinder Singh, there are thousands like them who you never heard of and will never hear of. Even if you write like an Amitav Ghosh or a Salman Rushdie, still chances are high you will remain unknown and unheard of. But if writing is its own reward, no one can take it away from you.

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