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Who we are

We are a publishing firm from India with the uniqueness of selling International content in this country. The venture focuses on independent authors and international publishers across the globe.

Raison d'être

No foreign company/author can sell content in India directly. Not even using Amazon. Therefore, you need an Indian partner with who you share the rights for the region.

But even then, would you know how many copies are printed; where they are sold; when they are sold and when would you get your money? And the biggest question is, who decides where your content should be sold.

The idea behind Inkhorn Publishing is to bring international content to India – be it from an author or a publisher, in the most transparent manner with zero hassles.

Modus Operandi

  • You produce your content
  • Join our website and create your login
  • We secure your content from you and put it up for sale as Print On Demand (POD), or e-book, on the most effective Indian e-retail sites like and

We are registered with both retailers as sellers for India. Our aim is to bring international content that makes for soaring sales amongst India's vast young English reading populace.

Filling in a Blank!

In India, English is the second highest spoken language. More Indians read and speak in English than the entire population of the UK. That's precisely why you need India! And we give you that platform…


Our model is strictly POD and we will only be selling at specific e-retailers who you would know at the onset.

So, no confusion… Transparency is the key. Period.

  • Positive-Thinking
  • Ancient-Egypt
  • Can-God-Guide-My-Life
  • Celtic-Mythology
  • Dare-to-Break-Through-The-Impossible
  • Face-at-the-Window
  • If-You-Think-You-Can-You-Can
  • Islam-Threat-or-Truth
  • Ancient-Greece
  • Kernel-Wheat
  • Kidnapped-Cam-Kennedy-Alan-Grant
  • Making-your-Faith-Work
  • Dream-Big
  • Ancient-Rome
  • Mastering-Quranic-Arabic
  • Abstract-Art-Therapy
  • A-Guide-to-Diabetes
  • Amazing-Parenting
  • Myths-of-the-Norse
  • Sexual-Healing
  • Taming-the-Tiger
  • The-Budha-in-Ice
  • The-Demise-of-the-Church
  • Transit-to-Heaven
  • My-Journey-to-Justice
  • Maths-Times-Tables
  • Understanding-Phobias
  • dare-to-break-through
  • taming-the-tiger
  • kernal-of-wheat
  • to-heaven
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