How to Write an Instant Bestseller

Louisa May Alcott, an American novelist and author of bestseller “Little woman” once quoted, “I want to do something splendid…something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I am dead…I think I shall write books.”

When you decide for sure that you are born to write and delight everyone with your imagination nothing can stop you. Well, your pen dances to your mind’s tune and it can be as tricky if you don’t guide it correct. An author’s dream is to shine amongst the readers and always aims that every work written enthralls the audience by being a best seller. The problem doesn’t lie in finishing a book, the point is how to write a book that’s worth reading. Let’s explore some tips that help in presenting out a best seller.

  1. Area of interest: Do some mind mapping and figure out a genre’ that you are more interested to write for. It can be a fiction or a non-fiction, both have to be interesting to read. Take time to identify the area of writing you are willing to explore, the readers must be able to hook themselves through your fascinating story telling skills. For example, if you are writing a non-fiction work closely on the facts and present them with interesting examples that readers could relate with. Do a thorough research.
  2. Have a blueprint: Readers often feel disconnected from a novel when there is an absence of synchronization in scenes of a novel. Have a clear idea about the story line, characters, major turnings and twists, endings, nature of the plot, length of the story and try to weave things in a thread so as to maintain the curiosity to get the readers get glued to the book. It is important to create the characters that readers could relate to and portray life’s realities.
  3. Keep a notebook handy: Always keep a notebook handy and pen down the thoughts that come to your mind whenever you find something that fascinated you. Keep on capturing the ideas so that you can improvise them later. Many a times, a tiny thought can give way to interesting plots and stories. Be observant about your surroundings, there is a story hidden in every nook and corner it just needs to be explored and evolved.
  4. Read, Read and Read: Needless to say, that great writers are passionate readers too. Reading is a food to mind and makes you well aware of the insights of characters, mindset, plots, imagination, grammar, language and culture.
  5. Review & maintain Timeline: Never let your ideas get stale and avoid the habit of procrastination in penning down your work. There is no dearth of writers in the market so maintain a timeline of your work and try to present your work before it gets too late or the basis of plot becomes out of the league. Keep reviewing your work for betterment and after you finish the novel or your book, hire a professional editor to give you finest editing services.
  6. Publishing and Social media promotions: Do not take the title and cover photo of your novel or book lightly. Devise a catchy title and sit with your publisher to chalk out an interesting attractive book cover page that creates some interest and some amount of curiosity for the readers. Plan a social media promotional strategy because marketing and promotions are an integral part, they help in reaching out to desired readership. Give links of your blogs, book promotion campaigns and synopsis on different social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Writing doesn’t come as easy as it is presumed. One needs to generate a deeper thought process and have the capability to develop it. Unleash your imagination, the world is waiting for a bestseller from your side.


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