Inkhorn: simple… the first step towards writing…

Inkhorn is a small portable bottle (as of horn) for holding ink.

From the time when books have been written till now, when books are still being written, the pen has been dipped into the inkhorn, but one out of a million has become an ‘author’.

So many have written books, poems, dramas, novels and short stories, but in the end simply sighed and gave up, without being able to get their works published.

We are here to help all such independent, amateur, first-time authors and International publishers. Come one, come all. Join us at Inkhorn Publishing India.

Very simple.

The reason that authors and publishers struggle to publish more freely are the time & costs involved. We have done away with all that long waiting periods to hear back from the publishers & unwanted costs.

Get in touch with us at and then you can send us your manuscript once you are convinced. We have now tied up with leading E-retailers, they sell your books and pay us, & we pay you.

Absolutely! And why not?

First, let us give you a glimpse into how this industry runs…

First, there are Literary Agents who scout for good content.

They tie up with publishers and ‘sell’ the concept of your book. If the publisher agrees, the Agent asks you to go ahead and send the book to them for editing. Then there are two types of publishers:

a) Those who sign up new authors and charge them for printing the book, but they do not guarantee distribution

b) Those who sign up new authors and print and distribute their books as well, Considering the distribution costs involved, price of the book will be higher. Royalty will be paid on actual sales which would be after six – eight months once the sales are accounted with the retailers and distributors

We have done away with all that. We get your books into the market, and you keep accounts of how many copies you have sold and what is the money you have made!

Our services include:

  1. Editorial Services – Editing, Proof-reading, re-writing etc.
  2. Designing – Cover Designing, Illustrations inside the book if required
  3. Formatting of the book to make it print ready
  4. Listing services on e-retail sites
  5. Marketing of the book once it is listed for sales


To get all this done you should spend little money. So Yes….you have to spend little money to shape your content into a book.

We have ensured that all these are minimal charges, MUCH, MUCH LOWER THAN EXISTING MARKET PRICES simply because this is a service we are providing to help our authors to put up a book together.

Inkhorn makes money when you make money. Yes. We make fixed commission of on the cost of the book that is sold. The more books sell – the author and publisher makes more money.

We wish if saving money was this easy. No e-retailer will entertain an individual as then they will be handling millions of accounts. Therefore, we ensure that your work is listed on the leading e-coms like Amazon and Flipkart.

How POD Works at Inkhorn

STEP 1: We publish your content and list it on leading e-retailers. As soon as your book gets sold, we get a notification and PO from e-retailer. We move the files of your title in ‘To print’ box on our web server.

STEP 2: Our production team, which is sharing the space at printers office gets a notification and they process the files. One book is printed and bound. The book is picked up and dispatched to the buyer’s address by e-retailer’s dispatch. OR the book is printed and sent to you if you have asked for a proof copy.

STEP 3: We get paid after deducting fixed commission and shipping charges of e-retailer. We deduct the production costs & our commission and pay you a royalty.

You can be paid by-monthly or monthly at the most depending on sale of your book. You will appreciate that it is not advisable to transfer a couple of hundred rupees. However, we will keep a minimum figure like Rs. 5000 and as and when you touch that figure we will transfer your money. If due to some reason you are not able to get there then we will transfer your money after 30 days from the date of listing regardless of what the amount is.

Yes. The book is printed on a digital machine where you can literally print all sheets with the same accuracy as the first sheet without any wastage. Just Google ‘digital printing machines’ to see how this works.

Yes. In case of a B&W book it is difficult for anyone to recognise the difference. In case of colour printing, the difference can be spotted only by top experts. Just like you print you photographs digitally and an expert photographer will get it printed in a traditional way.

Simple – write to us at and one of our team members will get in touch with you to take this forward.

Once you have written to us, our team will get in touch with you and discuss about your book, the process, costs, time etc. Once these are agreed, you are on your way to becoming a published author.

Yes. We can convert the file into PDF and e-Pub (e-book) and there will be minimal charges depending on the work you have left us to do. There are no hidden cost here and again you be told about the cost upfront.

You can get as many titles published as you like. Each title will be assigned an ISBN number and listed on e-retailers website.

It is 28 to 35% depending on retailer, the weight/size of the book, location of the buyer and shipping costs.

Inkhorn will only sign the contract with you for publishing your title and selling it through our e-retail partners as POD. The copyrights of the book will remain with the author however contracted exclusively to the publisher to publish/print/sell.

Yes, in that case we will help you sell your title in the conventional way through our partner distributors. We will be signing a separate contract for the same as the commission structure of distributors are different in this case.

Yes, we have associates who specialize in marketing and they will be able to help you market your books. Depending on your budgets, a marketing plan will be devised and executed.

Not at this point of time, All our authors will be notified whenever such an arrangement is made with a foreign distributor.

Anybody and everybody who visits e-retail sites where the books are listed.

Absolutely! Inkhorn doesn’t differentiate the content by language. Any language, any format, any topic….this is the beauty of Inkhorn Publishing.

We would advise you to submit the raw files (MS word) through e-mail and if the file size is big, it can be done through We Transfer.

Yes, and it is chargeable. If you want us to print a book for you then we can have it printed and couriered to you. It wouldn’t be too much anyway so we recommend you do this. Other than this, we don’t have any other mechanism to send you a proof.

Once the size, number of pages and format of the book is finalized, then we will be able to give you the print cost.

MRP is decided in consultation with the Author. We will suggest you a price that you should sell based on our experience after factoring in all costs including your potential Royalty.

The Royalty varies depending on the production cost of the book. This will be discussed and finalized in consultation with the Author.

Yes, you must sign an agreement before ticking the box at the time of submitting your files.

International Publishers

As a publisher you would like your content to reach out to masses with minimal expenses en route. Inkhorn is providing you a platform where your content can be seen and bought by millions at no expenses to you. So why not?

We won’t be wrong if we say there is no comparison. Any partner whether publisher or distributor will list your content on e-retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Not only they will not be able to market you content on any of these platforms but your margins are squeezed to almost nothing after everybody in the chain takes their pie.

Also, when you approach a distributor or publisher in India, they want to ensure just one thing: their profits! Obviously, that’s why all businesses are for. We on the other hand, ask several questions….

  1. What sells best in India?
  2. Do you want us to guide you on MRP?
  3. Do you want us to suggest what titles can sell best in India? This is because we are not eyeing our profits only, and instead see you as a long-term partner so that we both grow within a new, digitalised publishing ecosystem. or
  4. Would you like to list more titles to sell in India? We have no restriction on the genre/titles that can be listed.

No and Yes.

No, because since you are not giving any discount, the extra cost of print can be battered against it. In case of B&W print, our research tells us that we can still keep the original MRP (or 10% to 15% higher) when we are printing it digitally. We are here to help you decide on the bestselling price, keeping your interests safe.

Yes, if it is a 4-colour print it can be more expensive. But then, we can look at some options: a) We can review the MRP. b) We can decrease our margins to make it more viable.

Inkhorn charges a fixed commission on the sale price and sell your content via e-retailers. In India e-retailers charge approximately 20% (including taxes) plus shipping charges for every book sold on their respective platforms.

Please ask for FTP details when you are ready.

We may not. If the list is long then we will select titles which we are very confident of selling. We will secure files for only these titles. For the rest of the titles which are listed, but we still don’t have the files, we will expect you to send us the files within 48 hours notice at the maximum upon receiving our request for the same. The request obviously will only be made if the title is already sold.

We will be using safe mediums like server space or Dropbox. And we will also give you an option: if you are very sensitive about your content and are not comfortable of putting it on secured gateways, we will expect you to transfer the files to us within a notice of 24 hours as and when you receive a request from us. Unfortunately, we can’t take the delivery time beyond 5 to 6 days after the sale. Our idea is not to secure your content but to sell it. Therefore, we are open to suggestions and ideas that make you comfortable.

Yes, we have an office in the UK. We are already in talks with some partners in USA and Australia and we should have an association very soon in those countries. However, we are open to seek more partners if you are interested.

Literally, cash. We believe you want hard money in your hands, so we will set-up a monthly date for transfer of funds.

On Amazon & Flipkart for now who are the largest book e-retailers in India.

No. currently other than Kindle not many sites are selling e-books. If you have already listed with Kindle anywhere in the world, you can make it available in India too.

Any more questions? Please write to us