Inspiring Inkhorner – Ayushi Jain

In conversation with Ayushi Jain, author of Soul of a woman – a collection of poetry and prose about survival & sacrifice.

Tell us something about yourself?

We all came into existence for a purpose is what keeps me going. I’m an engineering graduate who is now focusing hard to find a better place for writing. I genuinely take writing as healing and pass the good by sharing.

When did you start writing and what do you think attracted you to poetry?

I don’t think there’s any particular thing about poetry that attracted me as I found the roots of poetry inside me from the very start. I grew up by reading my father’s poetries which actually helped me to evolve further. Poetry happened to me when I was 12 as I penned down my academic failures in form of poetry.

How did Soul of a Woman come together as a collection?

Honestly, most of the poetry belongs to my self-experience and the circumstances my sisters faced as a woman. Connecting with women who are unable to speak their values & struggles also cultivated various moments that asked me to compile it. I fractioned everything that I felt & analyzed into three main sections: The Broken, The Healer & The Both.

How was the publishing process?

Too Smooth! As I wasn’t aware of many terms & norms so it was quite hard to start publishing process by my end. But, people at Inkhorn replied to each mail of mine and helped me a lot to understand things. It was a long but worthy process for me.

What’s the best experience you’ve gained through your writing?

I learned a new way to communicate with emotions without actually showing them. I experienced moments where people shared their kind of things with me to tell that this particular writing helped them to lower the pain.

If you could pass along only one piece of advice for other poets, what would it be?

Keep your head in the sky of dreams but feet on the ground of reality! Writing is the matter of happiness that comes to you only when it actually helps you to heal.

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