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At Inkhorn, an author is an author, whatever clime you hail from or whatever be your colour, creed or gender. You may have been rejected by traditional publishers or have no experience of publishing. We publish everyone's book, barring objectionable material regardless of your background.

What do we do?

We give you the author the opportunity to publish your book and sell it to readers without having to invest in the printing and stocking of the books, regardless of the type and content of your book.

What services do we offer?

This is clearly a revolutionary idea. In existing models of the industry, you toil to find a publisher, who fleeces you, practically paying you nothing. Here at Inkhorn, you decide what you want to publish, and we deliver the services, so You Are Really Your Own Publisher! But how?

Our services include – Copy Editing, Proof Reading, Formatting, Cover Designing, Marketing & book Launch at reasonable charges.

What do you get?

You get your book up on our e-com network for sales. This will be in the print-on-demand model. And unless the content is objectionable (communal, racial, gender-biased) you are up there for public consumption!

Inkhorn provides services to get your manuscript into a form of a book and sells it for you through the online network.

You are paid a royalty on every copy that is sold.

How do we get you publish?

Simple write to us at our team will get in touch with you.

NOTE: Royalties payments of INR 10000/- or more in a financial year are subject to deduction of TDS as per IT Act, Government of India.

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  • Can-God-Guide-My-Life
  • Celtic-Mythology
  • Dare-to-Break-Through-The-Impossible
  • Face-at-the-Window
  • If-You-Think-You-Can-You-Can
  • Islam-Threat-or-Truth
  • Ancient-Greece
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  • Making-your-Faith-Work
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  • Abstract-Art-Therapy
  • A-Guide-to-Diabetes
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  • Myths-of-the-Norse
  • Sexual-Healing
  • Taming-the-Tiger
  • The-Budha-in-Ice
  • The-Demise-of-the-Church
  • Transit-to-Heaven
  • My-Journey-to-Justice
  • Maths-Times-Tables
  • Understanding-Phobias
  • dare-to-break-through
  • taming-the-tiger
  • kernal-of-wheat
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