Inkhorn Publishing India

Two sets of people… two problems.

The first set is independent Authors who find it almost impossible to find publishers to publish their works, and the second set is independent publishers who want access to market support. Especially foreign publishers wanting penetration in India. Inkhorn is literally all about FREE-DOM! Inkhorn Publishing India has been devised as a dream platform for both, simultaneously. We cater to the needs of Independent Authors and Publishers, both Indian and international.

Our answer to both problems INKHORN PUBLISHING INDIA.

For authors we bring to the table so much flexibility that they can just publish their content without having to worry about printing, stocking or distributing it. By reducing the cost of publishing Inkhorn’s aim is to bring forth authors who want to publish their works. Be it fiction, travel, poems, cookery, or even management or similar popular genres from ANY LANGUAGE.

We just want the straitjackets off for authors and publishers. Inkhorn Publishing works on the POD (Print on Demand) and eBooks models, covering both mediums of reading and still managing to keep the investments zero.

And by the way, IT IS ALL FOR FREE.

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