5 Tips For Bloggers To Begin Their Self-Publishing Journey

Gratification and recognition from the readers play a vital role in building a writer’s career. Nowadays penning down thoughts has taken to a next level, known as blogging. Where on one hand, constant writing gives you pace, channelization of thoughts, discipline, patience and patience. Creation of website and blogging gives a writer an opportunity to reach a large viewership with just a click of ‘publish’ button.

After finishing up writing a novel the very first thought that occurs to an author’s mind is submission of the manuscript followed by the acceptance of it and publication. No matter, how much prompt the publication process is but an author’s anxiety is immeasurable. Reason being, there is so much of content available on the internet that publishers have to limit themselves from promoting upcoming writers. Hence, authors and bloggers are also trying hands over the option of self-publishing their work in comparison to traditional publishing methods.







Following are the reasons to go for self-publishing –

1. Due to the variety of content availability on internet, booksellers only prefer to collaborate with book publishers if the author is well established.
2. Traditional book publishing methods involve many stages whereas self-publishing is a simplified way and not much time is taken to publish books.
3. Chances for getting royalty is more when you go for self-publishing.
4. Bloggers have more control over the content and design of their posts. They are acquainted with the timing to publish posts or writing work.
5. Online publications are a savior for newbies in the field of writing. They may not promise an overnight success but at least the credibility as a published author/blogger is established.

Now let’s take a look at some of the basic tips bloggers should follow to embark on the self-publishing journey.

Journey from ‘words’ to ‘worth’: Overnight success is not promised in the field of writing. Therefore, prep yourself for a step by step laborious yet enjoyable soul-satisfying journey. Polish your writing skills to the core because now your work is not going to be hidden anymore, it is going to be published. Do not take longer time in completing first draft of your book.

Contact online publishing platforms: There are various online publishing services that are owned by big online portals. For example, Createspace (and online publication service) is owned by Amazon. Prepare a word document of your work and upload on createspace. The team will do the entire book formatting and publish it. However, it is always advisable to spend a considerable amount of time with the publication team with regard to all the publishing aspects.

Trends in vogue: While writing a book, avoid clichéd writing and story-telling patterns. Even a documentary grabs publisher’s attention if curated interestingly. Also remember, first self-publishing experience leads to multiple learning lessons useful further in the journey of writing.

Team work: Refrain yourself from falling in the category of ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. Work on your best talent and seek professional help if required. For example, not all great writers are great editors or proof readers. It is advisable to make little investment to seek such services to reap long term benefits. Develop technical understanding and make appropriate use of multitudinous online writing tools.

Marketing and promotions: Marketing gimmicks are an essential part of self-publishing process. Once the book is published, spread the word about it on social media by posting links. Being a blogger adds to the charm so write blog posts about your book and ask for feedback. Encourage people to take interest in your book whether on kindle or a printed version by bringing out giveaways and contests. Just like a book synopsis, an audio/visual recording can be created and posted on YouTube or other social media.

Self-publishing is greatly admired and it is one of the top-notch options to have a distinctive image as an author, a self-fulfilling dream.

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