5 Common Mistakes An Author Must Avoid

Becoming a writer and penning down the thoughts is that one existence that gives tremendous amount of satisfaction to one’s soul. When you find yourself wrapped up with characterizations and soul profound thoughts, desperate enough to coax them on paper that is the moment you are prepared to be a writer. Strong perseverance and willingness to write every single day is the key trait of a successful writer. When it comes to becoming an author, nothing feels like more enchanting than sailing in the world of imaginary characters, words, stories and story-like situations. An author is like a dreamcatcher for its readers and therefore it is important to work on the right nerve at the same time not compromising with the imaginary skills.








Listed are some of the common mistakes authors tend to commit and how one can avoid them.

Basis of the plot

Any novel or a short story is considered to be captivating if it consists of certain basic elements such as sharpness in characters and presence of conflict. Without a conflict, a story/plot sounds more of a documentary and becomes monotonous. At the same time, the scenes should be projecting in nature and not reporting. Avoid monotony in dialogues. Work on different writing styles instead of following a same cliché. Readers are always interested in coming across novels that are relatable yet with a tint of freshness. Traditional story patterns rock but with a twist.

Manuscript Guidelines

Authors and publishers are two sides of a same coin. Just as authors follow certain guidelines, they are required to follow some manuscript submission norms too. Firstly, the conclusion should be in a descriptive manner. Many authors don’t consider it necessary to give a suitable conclusion and that may not interest the readers or researchers that much. The references should not be missed, if any and presented in an organized manner. It is a standard practice ad failure to comply with it often leads to rejection of the manuscript. In case of data/research related write-ups utmost caution should be taken while providing facts and statistics, also maintaining the confidentiality as required.

Submissions to Publishers

Grabbing opportunity with multiple publishers is certainly not a nice forte and least appreciated in the publishing industry. Whether you are submitting manuscripts in different languages to a number of journals it is important to mention about it with the concerned publication. Duplicate submissions should be avoided to maintain authenticity.

Editor’s pick and Author forms

Writers/authors should spend considerable time with the editor to adhere any changes required in the manuscript or content. Editorial changes, if not clashing with the entire story idea or concept of the content then suggestions should be considered. Many authors are over cautious and fail to act promptly where editorial department is concerned. This leads to excessive waste of time and delay in the publication process. Another important feature is filling out the author forms that most publications consider mandatory. These forms contain some vulnerable and significant issues such as copyright transfer or authorship responsibility. Such points should be discussed with the publishers and errors in filling out the forms are best avoided.


Professional writing and grammar web applications are not a question to one’s efficiency. They help in saving time and omission of silly spelling or grammatical errors. Manuscripts or drafts are simply rejected on such avoidable grounds. Therefore, it is important to do a complete check and carry out a proofreading to omit spelling, punctuation, grammar and other typographical errors.
So, writing can be a complete heartfelt and satisfying experience if certain simple guidelines are kept in mind and getting the work published, reaching out to millions of readers is even a bigger achievement.

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