10 Tips For Authors Who Want To Publish Their Books on Amazon

Readership has taken a wide diversion from mere books to kindle. Once the novel is completed next important thing is to get it published and make people notice your book and not finding around people to get your book. This is the reason book promotional strategy should be able to tap the market well and make people wanting to read the book.

Today, apart from traditional book publishing methods, self-publishing ways are attracting the limelight and is actually paving much fruitful ways for the writers in terms of popularity, market tapping and capturing readership. Self-publishing saves the writers from battling with time taking publishers and offer you much more options such as Kindle on amazon. Amazon has its own ways and algorithm set to get the book published. All you have to do is follow steps to publish your book on kindle store. All you need is a passion for writing and fire within to tap the reader’s mind. Once you publish your book on amazon, it displays your book among several categories and try to catch every possible hit by the webpage viewer. Your book appears in:-

  1. Recent searches.
  2. Shopping cart recommendations.
  3. Frequent purchases by customers.
  4. Frequently bought together and many other such places to keep the visibility high.

So, amazon leaves no stone unturned once it knows about the product to market. Therefore, the author has to ensure that the book is packed up with everything it needs to get a worthy amazon attention.  Let’s take a look at some of the helpful tips that can keep the authors get going on amazon.

  1. Description matters: A book description is the first thing that a book lover loves to go through and that’s what any book publisher or marketer has in their kitty to highlight on the web portal. Therefore, ensure that the book description is crisp, attention grabbing and compels the reader to pick the copy.
  2. Author’s introduction: A conversation directly with the author via blog posts or social media leaves a lasting impact on the readers. Always ensure your author’s bio is as effective and complete as your book and never fail to connect with your audience. It helps in building not only a great fan following but adds to the popularity for your book. Always encourage your readers to leave reviews.
  3. Exception over book store: If you decide to get your book published through online publishing such as Amazon, accept the fact that your book will not be that much in vogue in a physical book store. Reason being, amazon itself is a largest book store giving a bigger platform for the authors provided it is marketed properly and amazon does that through its connected channels.
  4. Proofreading, editing, cover design: Have an attractive cover design for amazon to market your book well as amazon will highlight the book by its cover at number of categories mentioned above. Proofread and edit your book well to avoid time lag in executing these processes. Focus on the strategic marketing patterns that amazon would adopt in publishing your book, though amazon does everything from editing to publishing via createspace.
  5. Royalty and Sales data: Amazon provides with monthly royalty statements which are easy to follow plus their sales data is easy to map and understand. Provide links to your book purchases to get additional 4% on the sales.
  6. Amazing & innovative strategies: Amazon knows how to stand in a long run and therefore it has no dearth of attractive offers and promotions such as kindle programs, special offer for kindle owners. Moreover, authors who already have many books to their credit via amazon marketing have an added leverage, that doesn’t mean newcomers don’t stand a chance but then try to release a book every year or two.

Amazon can indeed give a boost to your writing career and can be a total marketer for your book, so keep have a well analyzed approach.

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