Author's feedback

  • Pratibha R DH – AuthorPratibha R DH – Author“Child of Paradise”

    "Inkhorn Publishing has been a great support to me in boosting my confidence as an author and making the right decisions in the highly competitive world of publishing. Their guidance and encouragement has helped me immensely in my journey as a published writer. I look forward to working with them for all my future projects."

  • सरोज सिंह ‘सूरज’  Author & Poetसरोज सिंह ‘सूरज’ Author & Poet"Suraj Ke Gaon Mein” “Udaan”

    उड़ान का साझा ग़ज़ल संग्रह और हमारा काव्य संग्रह दोनों ही किताबों की छपाई बहुत अच्छी है , टंकण त्रुटिहीन और स्पष्ट है , काग़ज़ उच्चकोटि का है, एवं मुखपृष्ठ आकर्षक है, निर्धारित समयावधि के अंदर त्वरित सेवा दी है आपने । पुस्तकें समय पर और बिल्कुल सुरक्षित हालत में प्राप्त हुईं

  • Anand Khatri, Architect, Poet & FounderAnand Khatri, Architect, Poet & FounderPOIESIS – Society for Poetry

    We have been working with Inkhorn Publishing, since the inception of our fund for publishing new poets and anthologies.I strongly recommend Inkhorn, because the honesty and integrity that is imbued in all interactions supports the conviction of an upcoming author. Print on Demand is the future of the publishing industry. I wish all the best to Inkhorn for their journey. "

  • Mehar Behl AuthorMehar Behl AuthorThe First Light

    “With Inkhorn, it was a smooth ride with a lot of insight about the world of publishing”

  • M N Viswanath, AuthorM N Viswanath, AuthorSuccess Mantra in Sports

    “Publishing through Inkhorn makes it easy for a first-time writer as all the hassles of traditional publishing are removed. The relationship was friendly and easy going. While publishing my book with Inkhorn Publishing, realized I had made the right choice of the publisher”

  • Dr Anurag Shourie, AuthorDr Anurag Shourie, AuthorHalf A Shadow

    "Half A Shadow" is a "complete" book, thanks to Inkhorn

  • Mukesh Kaushik, AuthorMukesh Kaushik, AuthorSuno India

    Inkhorn is an inspiring platform for all those budding authors who wish to reach out to their target audience with an ease which otherwise is not available in the publishing sector”

  • Rashmi Saba, AuthorRashmi Saba, AuthorMirth & Dystopia

    “Supportive, hands-on, no delays at any point! Creative freedom is the essence at Inkhorn

  • Kamran Ahmad, AuthorKamran Ahmad, AuthorBetter to Wink at Life

    Inkhorn Publishing India provides a writer-friendly platform to launch new talent. They are receptive to new ideas & prompt in responding to queries. Accessibility, courtesy, empathy, flexibility of approach coupled with sound professionalism are some of the hallmarks of their business model”

  • Ashwini Dodani, AuthorAshwini Dodani, AuthorSavoir Faire

    “Pros & cons of publishing are faced by everyone, from gathering a manuscript to formatting, purpose of the book, designs and editing. It took quite a while but then I thank people at Inkhorn they were very helpful and guided me at all times”

  • Ayushi Jain, AuthorAyushi Jain, Author Soul of a Woman

    “Was a pleasure working with Inkhorn Publishing for my very first poetry collection. Learned smooth publishing process with a hardworking team”

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